The Greatest Composer Alive; William Camilleri

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They tried to break him.  Instead they made him."

Often called the greatest composer alive, William Camilleri joins us today sharing some inspiration and hope for all who may be struggling- to keep on going.  William has already changed the world of music as we know it, including establishing the New Romantic Neo-Classical genre of composition.  William will also be giving us a sneak peek of what's to come of the 2017 movie "The Composer" based on his life story and journey.

With over 400 cds to his name and having performed with some of the best artists out there including Tina Turner when he was only 22, William has come so far and still has so much more to give.  William's music is best described as emotional, evocative, and healing.

Listen to a sampling of his music here


JULY 2016


William Camilleri asked to serve as Judge on the panel at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival, Latest news came from New York where it was stated that his vast expertise on film and music would greatly benefit the panel.


Considered “The Best Living Composer in the World” – Hear how William Camilleri is Shaking up Hollywood

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William Camilleri is joining the program to discuss how his new project and motion picture, “The Composer”, is taking Hollywood by storm and changing the rules of the game. Hollywood has settled into a focused money making system that has lost much of it’s creativity, risk taking, and many of the great traits that originally catapulted it to lead the world in great movie making. “The Composer” changes all of this and promises to shake up the system. It has defied the normal processes and has acquired academy award winning staff and independent development in lightning pace. Of course, winning the Award for “Best Story” at the New York Film Festival doesn’t hurt the cause.

William also shares with us some of the amazing true story behind the movie, which is based on his real life. It is incredibly touching and, as described by the New York Film Festival, “has amazing potential to become an Oscar-winning movie”. The story shows how he overcame mind control, cruelty, and then the impossible, composing incredibly beautiful music limitlessly and unedited in live settings on stage, anywhere, and everywhere earning the praise from Prof. Dr. Steven Paul, Head of Sony Classical NY, “William Camilleri is a musical phenomenon”.

You can hear William Camilleri’s music and see more about “The Composer” at