Besides being a composer William Camilleri is also an excellent Producer and Recording Engineer. At Studios, William can record extremely high quality music samples for any type of music from Orchestral to World Music to virtually anything and deliver them fast and meet any deadline.

William can compose any type of music for any film in any country and meet the precise requirements of film companies, Producers, Directors and anyone in the Music/Film business. William guarantees excellent service, first class samples and full CDs.


Studios is comprised of:

  • Screens

  • Mixing Desks

  • Monitoring

  • Timecode/Surround Sound

  • Playback and Record

  • Connectivity-Worldwide –Audio & Video.

  • CD Pressing, Duplication, Design, Artwork and

  • CD Mastering are a few of the facilities at Filmworks Studios.

Studios also has connections to top world famous Orchestras in the US and Worldwide and world famous Recording Engineers such as the music legend Alan Parsons, The Beatles, Abbey Road, Dark Side of the Moon, Alan Parsons Project.